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Create Your Own Naruto Character Game and Share It with Other Fans

Try out the Naruto Character Maker game by Hapuriainen to make alternate versions of you and your friends! Are you fascinated by the wildly popular Japanese manga and anime series? Now you get to create your characters using the iconic drawing style! Give it a try, and you won't regret it!

Create Your Own Naruto Character Game

What kind of ninja do you want to create? Click on the Body icon, then choose a gender and a skin color for your warrior. Eye color and shape are also up to you! Can you believe that you can use markings and tattoos, as well as painting the fingernails and toenails? That's awesome!

Whenever you feel like your creation is complete, you can use the Print Screen to save your character on your PC. Have you thought about making Naruto versions of you and your pals? You can share it with them online or in person with the help of this challenge!

Developer: Soleil Game StudiosPublisher: BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAfter four titles from the Ultimate Ninja Storm series developed by CyberConnect2, the Naruto franchise receives a new title with bigger ambitions. Developed by Soleil Game Studios and published by Bandai Namco, the Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja takes one step further into the online world with Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, a MOBA in which you create your own ninja to fight side by side or against your favorite characters from the Shippuden and Boruto eras while participating in ninja tournaments to see who is the strongest shinobi. Prepare your secret jutsus and jump into the arena: the battle is about to start!

In this MOBA, you create your character and complete missions against the CPU (which can be played in co-op) or team battles of 4 x 4 against other players. You can buy new items to fully customize your avatar and recreate your favorite character or bring something totally new to fight for the title of the strongest ninja in special tournaments.

Our blond ninja did a huge step into the online world in this title, creating a colorful world that feels alive. With hundreds of options to customize your characters, you can create your own legendary character to fight for the title of the strongest shinobi. But not even this title will save you from the connection problems and the inevitable repetitive nature. I hope the developer can solve these issues and add more things to do in this hidden village to prolong the lifespan.

SANTA CLARA, CA - April 11, 2007 - Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., announced today that the popular animated TV series SHONEN JUMP TM NARUTO TM , from VIZ Media, will invade the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system for the first time in NARUTO TM : Ultimate Ninja Heroes TM . Available late summer 2007, the latest edition of the series will offer a furious fighting game experience with up to 3-on-3 team-based gameplay, intense single-player action, and a wireless multiplayer versus mode for up to two users, all within the Naruto universe. With eight interactive stages and 20 playable characters to choose from, gamers can take the battle outside the perimeters of the home to become the ultimate Hokage.

"We are thrilled to be bringing the unique NARUTO style of fighting exclusively to the PSP system," said Makoto Iwai, Senior Vice President and COO, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. "Fans of both the show and franchise will be able to create and play as their favorite ninja dream team, and we are excited about introducing the NARUTO brand to a whole new batch of gamers."

Developed by CyberConnect2 exclusively for the U.S. and Europe, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes is the highly anticipated fighting game that gives gamers the ability to sharpen their ninja skills with intense single and multiplayer team-based fighting. In a new addition to the franchise, gamers will also have the ability to create and customize their own ninja dream squads to battle opponents or trade players' profiles via wireless connectivity. To further maximize the character power-up feature, players can form different team combinations to awaken hidden skills that lie within each group. Depending on the combinations, special team-based skills can be unleashed. Gamers can also earn power-up points toward upgrading each character's attack, defense, chakra, speed, and even special abilities.

- First 3-on-3 Naruto team-based gameplay - Players can fight alone or form their favorite Naruto ninja dream team with up to three characters. Form squad combinations from the show or create an original team to unleash special skills.

In this prototype you'll see there's a featured article and a featured video game section. The featured article would be voted on by the editors here (the idea is to highlight interesting content) and it will be added to the mainpage by someone at the beginning of the month (if nobody volunteers to, I can do that.) The latter section, featured video game, is more of a placeholder, it can be a featured , character, place, movie, episode, item, etc. I chose video game for this month because of the high volume of searches in Google for the new video game release. Just like the featured article, the community will vote on it and someone will update it monthly.

Or any raw downloads or raw scans? I want to know all about it and its contents. I have read ShounenSuki's character particulars about naruto and the such from it, but I want to know and see more.ItachiWasAHero (talk) 05:02, June 6, 2011 (UTC)


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