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G-Sonique Ultrabass MX4/4 VSTi v1.0: The Ultimate Bassline Tool for Trance, Techno, Electrohouse and More

Its a full-fledged instrument that features 12monophonic patch displays, two-voice polyphony, automatic sample routing, and large, dedicated effects. The effect section of G-Sonique Ultrabass MX4 VSTi provides 51 effects, including two delay effects, two reverb effects, five stereo effects, three LFO effects, and six filters.

GSonique Ultrabass MX44 VSTi V10

G-Sonique Ultrabass MX4 VSTi is a terrific sound preparing application that functions as an instrument for producing a bass synthesizer that can be utilised to create any musical discipline of basslines.

The Band Modules contain 9 simple-sounding custom channels that have Tones, including the Band Reject, Cresting, High and Low Pass, and a lot more. It features an amplitude boost to include massive and rich basslines. It comes with 76 tracks that comprise base, deep, and psytrance basslines. G-Sonique Alien303 VSTi Free Download Most recent Rendition.

Installing the 3 effect modules will enable you to add most effects for additional sound variation. Some of the most useful are: the Analog Fac, the Bass Boost, the Randomizer and the Absorb. A unique attribute of Ultrabass is the fact that it is available in MIDI Mode, enabling you to control the sound of Ultrabass from a MIDI controller such as a controller keyboard, a MIDI pedal, or a MIDI sequencer.

The SonicTone Connect enables Ultrabass to be used in a stand-alone mode, or to be plugged into the SonicTone Arrange for an instant performance setup. The SonicTone arrange also enables Ultrabass to be played by your favorite DAW, and the SonicTone Connect is capable of communicating with the SonicTone Arrange for an automatic performance setup of Ultrabass.


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