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Ishq Hai Tumse: A Bollywood Romance That Tests Faith and Love

Ishq Hai Tumse Movie Review

What if you fall in love with someone who belongs to a different religion and community? How would you deal with the social and familial pressures that come with it? These are some of the questions that Ishq Hai Tumse tries to answer. Ishq Hai Tumse is a 2004 Bollywood romantic drama film starring Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu in the lead roles. It is a remake of the Telugu film Sampangi, directed by G. Krishna. However, the film fails to impress with its clichéd plot, weak performances, and melodramatic tone.


The plot of the film

The film follows Arjun (Dino Morea), a Hindu man who falls in love with Khushbu (Bipasha Basu), a Muslim woman, at a wedding. Their fathers (Alok Nath and Vikram Gokhale) are good friends and business partners, but they are unaware of their children's relationship. Arjun decides to hide his feelings from Khushbu and his family, fearing their reaction.

The conflict of the film

The film takes a dramatic turn when Arjun's father suffers a kidney failure and needs a transplant. Khushbu's father agrees to donate his kidney, but on one condition: Arjun must marry his daughter. Arjun is shocked and confesses his love for Khushbu, but she is already engaged to someone else. Khushbu's father fakes a heart attack to stop her wedding and bring her to the hospital. There, he reveals his plan to unite Arjun and Khushbu, and asks for their consent.

The climax and resolution of the film

Arjun and Khushbu agree to marry each other, but face opposition from their families and communities. They elope and get married in a temple, but are chased by goons hired by Khushbu's ex-fiancé. They manage to escape and reach the hospital, where Arjun's father is waiting for his surgery. Arjun's father accepts Khushbu as his daughter-in-law, and Khushbu's father donates his kidney. The film ends with Arjun and Khushbu living happily ever after.


Ishq Hai Tumse is a disappointing film that lacks originality, realism, and entertainment value. The film has a predictable plot, poor acting, and excessive sentimentality