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Custom Cakes that are not only Beautiful, but Delicious too 

Pink Cream
Need cake for a  Wedding, Birthday or anything In Between?
About Me

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by, my name is Cris, I’m a single mother of 2 beautiful girls and I love baking! I discovered i have a knack for baking accidentally, when i decided to bake a cake for my then 5 year old daughter Emily. Most of the guests at that event loved the cake and surprisingly, i found my self baking for their many occasions since. What started as a single occasion, is now helping me provide for my children and most importantly, it has allowed me to express an artistic side of me that i didn’t know existed. My cakes are delicious, (so they say) not only for its ingredients, but also because of the passion love and artistry i put in making each one of them. The most exciting rewarding and proudest part of the baking process for me, is to wait for that call or message or that photo with every one happy around a cake I have baked! So friends, I invite you to try one of my cakes, or, one of your cakes that ill hopefully have the privilege implementing for you!

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